Privacy Policy

Validity of the Privacy Policy starts from 4/14/2021.

Perun Digital Factory DOO Novi Sad is completely familiar with the importance of personal data protection and takes personal data protection with extreme seriousness.

As an operator of personal data, we have composed this Privacy Policy for the purpose of data processing to be transparent and comprehensible.

The Privacy Policy applies to:

  • Those who access our website: (‘Website’);
  • Those who send us an inquiry via contact form on the Website;
  • Those who want to hire us or to hire us for service providing purposes and become our clients (‘Clients’);
  • Those who want to make a cooperation agreement with us (‘Partners’)
  • Those who apply for jobs at our company (‘Candidates’)

Please, make sure to read the Privacy Policy carefully, since it is conducted in accordance with the Article 23 of the Law on Personal Data Protection (‘Official Gazette of RS’ No. 87/2018), and gives necessary information on your personal data processing by Perun Digital Factory DOO Novi Sad as an operator of your personal data.

  1. Identity and Contact Information of the Operator:

Legal entity: Perun Digital Factory DOO Novi Sad

Address: Dr. Ilije Đuričića no. 2A/II/10, Novi Sad
Registration number: 21548278

Legal representative: Nemanja Popović, Director

Phone number: +381 69/688-856

Email address:

  1. Data processing:

Data operator collects and further process following personal data:

  • Name and surname, phone number, address, email address, data regarding age, education and the candidate’s work experience.

Data operator performs following action in data processing:

  • Collects, records, transcribe, storages, browses, compares data, deletes or destroys.
  1. Purpose of data collecting and processing:

Data operator data from the Section 2 of the Policy process data exclusively for the purpose of:

  • Establishing contact with future Clients for the purpose of service providing
  • Establishing contact with Partners for the purpose of business cooperation and partnership
  • Establishing contact with Candidates for the purpose of concluding employment contract or other type of work engagement.
  1. Methods of Data Collection and Data Processing:

Data operator collects data from the Section 2 of the Policy from the individual whose personal data collects, primarily.

Data operator uses administrative, technical, organizational and other precautions in order to provide appropriate level of personal data protection collected and processed. During the  estimation of whether all of the precautionary measures have been applied and whether the level of personal data protection is at the appropriate level, the nature of personal data that is supposed to be collected and processed is taken into consideration.

Some of the precautionary measures applied include access control, information classification (and operations with them), integrity and confidentiality protection, data backup, and other appropriate measures.

  1. Legal Basis for Data Collection and Data Processing:

Data operator collects personal data from the Section 2 from the Privacy Policy, from the individual whose personal data is collected and processed, with the consent of the individual.

  1. Right of Revocation:

Those who gave consent to data collection and data processing in accordance to this Policy is able to revoke their consent at any time. Revocation of the consent can be done through sending an email to the data operator’s email address.

After the revocation, data collection and processing is not permitted. The revocation of the consent does not affect permissibility of data collection and processing before the revocation.

  1. Exporting data:

Data operator stores data from the Section 2 of this Policy in Microsoft Office 365 Cloud (for more information please take a look on

Other than those referred to in Paragraph 1 of this Section, data operator does not export personal data in other countries.

  1. Rights of Persons in Connection with Data Processing:

Person whose personal data data operator processes has the right to demand from the data operator:

  • Truthful and full information of their data processing
  • The right to insight, copy of the data which is in connection to them, the right to correction, addition, update, limitation of processing, erasure, termination or temporary suspension of data processing.
  1. Prohibited Data Processing:

In case of prohibited data processing individuals whose personal data is processed by data operator has every right provided by the Law on Personal Data Protection including the right to complaint to Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection.

  1. Data Retention Period

Personal data is not retained longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of data collection.


  • If you send a job application with motivational letter and CV. Your personal data will be deleted 24 months after your application has been received, unless you become one of our operators.
  • If you ask a question, your data will be deleted 30 days after the answer is sent, or maximum 3 months after your question is received;
  • If you suggest collaboration, your data will be deleted 36 months after your suggestion is received, unless you make a collaboration or partnership agreement with the operator.
  1. Information:

In case you want to use some of your rights as a person whose data is collected, or you have any other questions regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us at

Acceptance of Data Processing

By sending an email through contact form on the website, I give my explicit acceptance for my personal data to be processed by Perun Digital Factory DOO Novi Sad, as data operator, for the purpose given in this Policy and under the conditions given in this Policy.